Solar Hot Water; Tank on Roof

Perth Solar Hot Water – Thermosiphon Systems

Roof top solar hot water, also known as close-coupled thermosiphon solar, has shaped Perth’s Skyline for years. These units are ideal for situations where:


  • The plumbing/electrics are already setup on roof (i.e. like for like changeover for a Solahart style system)
  • Or there is no space at ground level for a tank

Why URECO Solar Hot Water is your retailer of choice:

  1. 15 years of Experience in Perth
  2. Range of options to pay
  3. Perth Designed systems for Perth Conditions, supported here in Perth

Why go ENVIROSUN as your product of choice:

  1. European made tank insulated and cased here in Australia
  2. A fantastic 7 year warranty
  3. Highest grade stainless steel tank on the Perth Market


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