Perth Solar Hot Water Rebates – Small-scale Technology Certificates

All households in Perth and Western Australia are eligible for the ‘STC’ Rebate on any Solar Hot Water and Heat Pump system supplied by URECO.

All Solar Hot Water & Heat Pump Systems accredited with Rebates have undergone rigorous testing. This is overseen by the Clean Energy Regulator.

1 STC = 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy or avoided energy use

The value of a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC, also formerly called Renewable Energy Certificate or a REC) can fluctuate daily. Their market value is determined by the supply and demand situation at any one point.

No. of STCs x STC Value = Amount received as a point of sale discount

As of 1st Jan 2022, the number of STCs a system gets is going down 10% every year. This will phase out this ‘STC’ rebate in 2031.

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