Perth Solar Hot Water Rebates – Small-scale Technology Certificates

All households in Perth and Western Australia are eligible for Solar Rebates. On all Solar and Heat Pump systems installed by ureco we provide this incentive as a Point of Sale Discount.

All Solar Hot Water & Heat Pump Systems accredited with Rebates have undergone rigorous testing. This is overseen by the Clean Energy Regulator.

1 STC = 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy or avoided energy use

The value of a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC, also formerly called Renewable Energy Certificate or a REC) can fluctuate daily. Their market value is determined by the supply and demand situation at any one point.

No. of STCs x STC Value = Amount received as a point of sale discount

As of 1st Jan 2022, the number of STCs a system gets is going down 10% every year. This will phase out this ‘STC’ rebate in 2031.

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